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Corporate discipline. Eager people.
Matchless services.

How we can help you with

Matchless services


"Where do you even find people like this?"

We don't find them.
We create them.

  • Professional
  • Eager
  • Matchless

TECH friend

Your tech strategy in 2024 needs to be profound. It's a business survival matter!

We can help you find your perfect TECHSERIO TECHFriend!

  • Understanding
  • Supportive
  • Clever
  • Loyal


With TECHSERIO Hosting your business has modern technology working for you. Without any technical knowledge required on your part.

  • Assertive
  • Scaling
  • Secure
  • Fast!


When you are ready for the next step, we'll be there for you. We can motivate you and then give your new energy focus and direction!

We are eager to help you!

  • Business Digitalization
  • Courses
  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Compliance
  • Analysis

Our education


At TECHSERIO, we're passionate about empowering professionals with cutting-edge knowledge.


Ogarniam.AI is a Polish language platform offering courses on ChatGPT for managers and finance professionals.

Our expert instructors will guide learners of all skill levels through the fundamentals of ChatGPT, demonstrating its practical applications in management and finance. With Ogarniam.AI, you'll acquire tools and insights to streamline workflows, enhance decision-making, and boost productivity.

Embrace the transformative power of education with TECHSERIO and Ogarniam.AI, as we provide accessible, high-quality learning experiences that inspire growth and drive success.



We create custom applications, steadily, repeatedly and at the best value.
Our staff consists only of people exclusively dedicated to rigorous work ethics.

Your challenges: Our solutions.

Niche applications

We build niche applications and adjust them to your needs.

Software as a Service

Subscribe to the applications for as long as you need, and pay only for what you use.

Enterprise Architecture Services

We assist in your companys future by creating maintainable business driven technology plans.

Consulation Services

Our consultants love your challenges. We specialize in application performance scaling.



We want to live in a world where good custom productivity applications are accessible to everyone.
We will be contributing to this future and TECHSERIO technology will help power it.

TECHSERIO. That's How!


You can automate and simplify things in your life you didn't even dream of!


We are enthusiastic about improving your life and your business.


We will provide the functionality you need affordably near the cost/benefit optimimum. Only what you need.

Action driven

Long meetings and warming chairs? Not with us. We'll happily arrange practical workshops where we produce actual results.